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Monday, 27 April 2015

At the start of the year I decided that my apartment, mostly my bedroom, needed vamping up a little and decided to move around my furniture and wall art. I absolutely love changing around my bedroom layout every 6 months or so, I feel like it spices up the feng shui of my bedroom and how I feel when I'm in that room. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, whether thats sleeping, doing my hair/make up, blogging, watching movies etc my bedroom is the ultimate place that I feel comfortable so its very important to me to decorate it and design it to what makes me feel comfortable and liveable.

Pinterest is my absolute favourite place to go when I have an idea but have no idea how to execute it. I have a little collection of art that I've gathered together over the past few years being in Canada and I decided to create a photo arrangement on my main wall in my bedroom. I don't know what it is about apartments in Vancouver, but most of them are painted pure white and you're not able to paint them or put up wallpaper whilst living there. This for me, is a total nightmare. I love colourful and patterned walls and as mentioned I like to change things around twice a year, so instead of pulling out the paint brushes and rollers, going crazy and painting the walls anyway, I decided on a photo arrangement of my art.

I have 4 main art pieces that I wanted as part of the photo arrangement, I then had 2 photo frames which are of a green/mint colour but I also decided that I'd need something a little more to make it a full wall arrangement.

Final Arrangement Piece (apologies for photo quality as it was dark at the time of taking the photo and the flash just made the frames look terrible)

Final Photo Arrangement
I went to Michaels and purchased 4 plain wooden frames for $10. They were pretty cheap and I guess you can even stick an actual photo behind them but I decided to paint them a bronze colour as it would pop with the white behind them. I also purchased 2 photo frames from the dollar store and painted those the same colour, the pictures I have in the frames are from my trip to New York last Christmas!
Close up of New York Skyline and the painted photo frame
To keep within the black and white theme that I had going (which wasn't on purpose) I also frames a photo of myself and my roommate and had a card framed that my good friend gave me for my birthday last year. The art was all purchased from a little store in Gastown, near Downtown Vancouver. I absolutely love the style of art and these 4 pieces were gifted to me which was lovely!

I played around with the photo arrangements on my floor for about 1-2 hours before deciding on the final arrangement. To help with placement I tracked the sizing of each photo and stuck them to my wall using sticky-tac to see exactly where I wanted to place them before hammering nails into the wall!

This arrangement has been up since early February now and I love it! It really adds character to my bedroom and it doesn't feel as dull as it did before with such a bare wall. Have you got a photo arrangement in your bedroom/apartment? Do you change it up often? Let me know what you think!

- JR

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